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GcMAF Therapy

GcMAF (Group component specific protein - Macrophage Activating Factor) occurs naturally in the human body and is synthesized from Vitamin D binding protein. The main role of GcMAF is to activate macrophages (white blood cells which form the first line of defence in our body) to attack cancer cells and present tumor antigens to other white blood cells. Macrophages are important phagocytic cells that engulf and destroy pathogens and release cytokines. In addition, macrophages are known to play important roles in antitumor immunity. 

Cancer cells secrete an enzyme called “Nagalase” which stops the formation of GcMAF in our body. When GcMAF is not produced, macrophages cannot be activated thereby leading to immunosuppression. This is one of the mechanisms through which cancer cells are able to hide from the immune system.

This is a type of immunotherapy in which GcMAF is injected intra-mucscularly once or twice a week as an adjunct to other conventional or alternative therapies for cancer. GcMAF Immunotherapy is widely popular in Japan as a complementary cancer therapy. It has no side effects and will continue to activate macrophages as long as it is administered. 

Note: This product can be arranged at the request of the patient.